CLASS of 2015 TimelineWhat to Do and When to Do It Calendar

  • Register for the October/November SAT or ACT-register online if you haven’t taken either test and will be applying to a four year college this year.
  • Talk with college representatives at College Day on September 25 from 8 -9:15am in THS Cafeteria.
  • Have an individual conference with your counselor to look over graduation requirements and discuss future plans
  • Investigate the colleges to which you plan to apply.
  • Narrow your college choices to 3 or 4 schools.
  • Become very familiar with college websites: Ex: and
  • Begin filling out college applications. (Apply online-or get applications in Student Services)
  • Ask selected people to write recommendations for college and scholarship applications-give at least a 2 week notice to counselors and teachers.
  • Prepare a resume of activities and awards. Share with those writing recommendation letters.
  • Check the THS SCHOLARSHIPS website for available scholarships and other important information.
  • Set up college visits. Call Admissions Offices to arrange a tour. Register online with the college of interest.
  • If you plan to play college sports, register online with the NCAA Clearinghouse (

  • Take or retake SAT or ACT to improve your score. Check testing deadlines in Student Services or online at **** or
  • Complete college applications. Remember “the earlier the better”
  • Pay attention to scholarship opportunities that are available on the THS SCHOLARSHIPS website.
  • Keep watching those deadlines! Scholarship searches are your responsibility!
  • You can request a PIN for you and a parent to use when applying for financial aid online(
  • VISIT your college choices before making a final decision.
  • Get a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) online mid December. (Do NOT apply until after January 1, 2014!)
  • Begin to gather materials and financial information for the FAFSA.
  • Enjoy the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays!!!!!!!!!

  • Begin gathering income tax data for the FAFSA. Start the application process because many colleges award money on a “first come, first serve basis”.
  • Apply for a FAFSA PIN if you haven't already done so.
  • Request first semester grades to be sent to colleges who ask for them.
  • Double-check with prospective colleges about additional financial aid forms and requirements.
  • Review your updated transcript. Contact your counselor if you note a problem on the transcript.
  • Make sure you end up very strong with first semester grades because many colleges will request your first semester transcript before making a final decision on admissions.

  • Fight that senioritis by keeping your grades up. You are accepted to college "pending the successful completion of your senior year coursework." (That means any acceptance is conditional until the final transcript is in!)
  • Send in the FAFSA by mid-February if at all possible! FAFSA DAY is February 22. Register online at or contact Tammy at the SECU Dunn Branch for an appointment 892-0434
  • Continue applying for scholarships. Watch the THS SCHOLARSHIPS website.
  • You should receive acceptance letters from colleges by no later than March 31st unless you have been deferred/wait listed.

  • It's time to make that final college choice decision if you haven't already done so!
  • Accept an admissions offer and notify other colleges you have been accepted at to decline their offer.
  • If you are wait-listed and wish to be kept in consideration, be sure to advise the college.
  • Finalize plans for housing and financial aid.
  • Make any required deposits to the college you plan to attend. Watch those deadlines!
  • You should receive your financial aid offers by mid-April. If you've not done so yet, call the college financial aid office.

  • Complete all forms from the college you have chosen to attend
  • Notify your counselor of your final choice and of any scholarships you have been awarded.
  • Request that your final transcript be sent to the college you have decided to attend. A request form will be given to you from Student Services prior to graduation.
  • Plan to attend Senior Scholarship Night at THS on May 20.