Updated 4/25/16

May 1st CENTRAL CAROLINA COMMUNITY COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS: Applicants must have applied to CCCC and plan to attend full-time. In addition to completing an application, a brief essay is required explaining why applicant feels they are deserving of this scholarship. Applicants must also complete a FAFSA form. Deadline to apply is May 1, 2016. Applications are available online at www.cccc.edu

May 2nd Erwin Lion’s Club Scholarship: The purpose of the Erwin’s Lions Club Scholarship is to provide funding for a student. This scholarship is based on a true financial need in conjunction with academics, morals, references, and if needed, to include physical handicaps. The scholarship provides funding in the following manner:
  • One time $500 funding to one student
  • All funding checks will be made payable to the school of the recipients choice cosigned by the recipient
Please return the attached application to your counselor by May 2.

May 10th: Justin Delain Miller Memorial Scholarship
Deadline MAY10

Justin was a 2001 graduate of Triton High School. While at Triton, he excelled as a student and an athlete. He was a great friend to his team mates and to many of his fellow classmates. Justin played basketball his freshman year, football and baseball all four years. As quarterback Justin lead the Hawks to back to back winning seasons in 1999 and 2000.
On June 7, 2013, Justin lost his four year battle with nonhodgkins lymphoma. During this period Justin never gave up. He fought with the same determination as he had as a student athlete while at Triton. During this battle his heart, determination and loving personality was an inspiration to anyone who met Justin during this time and to the ones that already knew him.
This $500 scholarship is given in memory of Justin Delain Miller by his family and friends and will be awarded to an individual who played baseball, football or both that plans on continuing their education at a community college level or at a university and will be payable to that school. The recipient must have shown the same admired characteristics that were admired in Justin.

A Scholarship for a student athlete who is in good academic standing, involved in community service activities and clubs and has upstanding moral character.

$500 scholarship for a student in good academic standing, involved in extracurriculars, works afterschool and is planning to major in an AG related field after high school.

May 4th Buffalo Soldiers Scholarship of Excellence:
The purpose of this Scholarship is to assist a student (or students) that may not have financial means to attend college.
If you are planning to mail this application yourself, the deadline is May 13th.
If mailing yourself, mail to:
NC Buffalo Soldiers MC
ATTN: Scholarship Committee
P. O. Box 25415

Fayetteville NC 28314
1. Applicant must be a graduating high school senior.
2. Applicant must possess a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 (B average) on a 4.0 grading scale.
3. Applicant must be accepted and enrolled in a institution of higher learning to receive the grant.

May 5th VFW Scholarship: The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post in Dunn is offering this scholarship to a senior who is planning to continue their education after high school. Student must have a 3.0 GPA. Return your completed application to your Guidance Counselor by May 6th, 2016.

This scholarship is presented in memory of Ashley Christopher Everette Thompson (1986-2005), the son of Chris and Emily Thompson of Fayetteville. Ashley was killed by an underage drunk driver in a hit and run incident in March of 2005.

While attending Gray’s Creek and South View High Schools, Ashley was an average student academically, but excelled in the JROTC programs. He wanted to join the military and be a sniper. Ashley struggled with his studies and was often confused and distracted in class. However he maintained enough focus to keep moving forward. Not challenged to his potential, Ashley’s choices in life were far from perfect and his frustrations with school overwhelmed him to the point that he dropped out of high school. He found out the importance of a high school education the hard way. While trying to complete and honestly answer questions on job applications, he would often be seen crying and frustrated over what to write down. He knew employers didn’t want to see “will explain” on an application. An Army recruiter told him that the military was still an option, but he had to finish high school. Picking himself up from out of the wallow, he decided to take advantage of a program at Fayetteville Tech that would allow him to complete his High School studies. He was to enroll in the summer of 2005. Regretfully, he lost his life in March of that same year. Upon his death he would be given a military burial by his JROTC peers.

A student’s self esteem is boosted by the ability to learn, understand, and be taught. The catalyst for this is a great teacher. Teachers can and will influence a student’s life by setting the bar and showing them the tools to attain their goals.

This scholarship in the amount of $1000 is to be given to a deserving Triton High School student who exhibits the dedication it takes to complete studies in the field of education and challenge students of the future.
DEADLINE: May 5th, 2015 -- Return completed application to your Guidance Counselor

May 11th - Medicine Center- Good Neighbor Pharmacy Scholarship Program
$1,000 scholarship
Student must be a resident of NC and a current Senior in High School and must enroll in college on a full-time basis in the fall of 2016
Student must include an essay of approximately 200 words on the subject "Improving the Health of My Community" along with a letter stating why the applicant feels they are deserving.